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A NodeJS library for doing everything OSRS related. Access the OSRS hiscores, news, worlds, wiki, items, simulating killing monsters, and opening clue caskets - and more.

For discussion, help or questions - please join https://discord.gg/ob and then our #developers channel.

Automatically generated docs are available at: https://docs.oldschool.gg/


Docs: https://docs.oldschool.gg/classes/hiscores.html

Possible account types: normal, ironman, ultimate, hardcore, deadman, seasonal

You can also pass virtualLevels: true to receive their stats back in virtual level format, with their skill levels able to go up to 120.

import { Hiscores } from 'oldschooljs';

const lynxTitan = await Hiscores.fetch('Lynx Titan');
const ironHyger = await Hiscores.fetch('Iron Hyger', { type: 'ironman' });


import { Items } from 'oldschooljs';

Getting an Item by ID

const twistedBow = Items.get(20997);
if (twistedBow) console.log(twistedBow);

Getting an Item by Name

const dragonDagger = Items.get('dragon dagger(p++)');
if (dragonDagger) console.log(dragonDagger);

Find items by any properties

const dragonItems = Items.filter(item => item.name.includes('Dragon'));
console.log(`Found ${dragonItems.size} Dragon Items!`);

for (const item of dragonItems.values()) {

Monster Killing Simulator

Allows you to simulate killing monsters. The loot is returned in an object, where the key is the item ID and the quantity is the value.

import { Monsters } from 'oldschooljs';

Simulating 100 Kills of every Monster

Monsters.map(monster => monster.kill(100));

Simulating 100 Corp beast kills

Monsters.find(monster => monster.name.aliases.includes('corp')).kill(100);

Clue Scroll Simulating

Allows you to simulate opening clue scroll caskets. The rewards are returned in a format containing the item ID and the quantity.

import { Clues } from 'oldschooljs';


Docs: https://docs.oldschool.gg/classes/bank.html

The bank class provides a powerful and ergonomic way to construct and interact with item banks.

const bank = new Bank().add('Twisted bow');
const otherBank = new Bank().add('Coal');
const lootTable = new LootTable().add(;

  .add({ Coal: 1 })
  .add('Coal', 500)
  .add({ 124: 500 })


Loot Tables

Docs: https://docs.oldschool.gg/classes/loottable.html

For a good demonstration of using Loot tables, refer to the oldschooljs code for Monsters and Clues, which all use loottables, a good example is Corp: https://github.com/oldschoolgg/oldschooljs/blob/master/src/simulation/monsters/bosses/CorporealBeast.ts

Here is a trimmed-down example of corp:

const CorporealBeastTable = new LootTable()
    .add('Spirit shield', 1, 8)
    .add('Holy elixir', 1, 3)
    .oneIn(585, SigilTable)
    .tertiary(5000, 'Pet dark core');



import { News } from 'oldschooljs';

Be careful with fetching news articles too often, as the website will ratelimit you after roughly 30 requests in a short period. Whenever a fetch is done, the News collection will have any new articles cached.

Rather than fetching articles on demand, you may want to

Fetch recent news articles

const recentArticles = await News.fetchRecent();

const mostRecentArticle = recentArticles.first();

Get news articles for a specific month

const monthOfArticles = await News.filter(article => article.year === 2018 && article.month === 12);

console.log(`There were ${monthOfArticles.size} articles in that month.`);

Fetch news articles for a specific month

This will fetch news articles for a specific month, i.e it wont be cached. In most cases you can just use News.filter() instead of this.

const monthOfArticles = await News.fetchMonth({ year: 2018, month: 12 });

console.log(`There were ${monthOfArticles.size} articles in that month.`);

List every available news article

If you want this to be up to 100% up to date, you need to call News.fetchNewArticles() to fetch newly released articles that aren't cached by oldschooljs.

for (const article of News.values()) {


import { Worlds } from 'oldschooljs';

Fetch and cache all worlds

You must call this atleast once to be able to use Worlds. To keep worlds up to date, fetching once at startup and then once every few days is enough. If you need an up to date playercount of worlds, you can call it more often or on demand.

await Worlds.fetch();

Getting a particular world

You can use either form of numbering, giving 301 and 1 will both give you World 1.

const worldOne = Worlds.get(301);
const worldTwo = Worlds.get(2);

Filtering Worlds

const australianWorlds = Worlds.filter(world => world.location === 'Australia');

console.log(`There are ${australianWorlds.size} Australian Worlds!`);

Iterating over worlds

for (const world of Worlds.values()) {


import { Wiki } from 'oldschooljs';

Searching for pages

const searchResults = await Wiki.search('Twisted bow');
if (searchResults.length === 0) console.log('Found no results');
else console.log(`Search found these pages: ${searchResults.map(page => page.title)}`);

Picking random pages

const randomPages = await Wiki.random(10);

console.log(`Search found these pages: ${searchResults.map(page => page.title)}`);

Fetch page by ID

const twistedBowPage = await Wiki.fetchPage(82098);



import { Polls } from 'oldschooljs';

Iterating over worlds

for (const poll of Polls.values()) {

Getting all polls in a year

const pollsFrom2013 = Polls.filter(poll => new Date(poll.datePosted).getFullYear() === 2013);


import { Util } from 'oldschooljs';

Checking if a username is valid

console.log(Util.isValidUsername(username)); // true

Converting numbers to and from KMB syntax

KMB Syntax is how numbers are often formatted in runescape, for example: 5k, 1.5m, 5m, 1b, etc.

Util.toKMB(5); // '5'
Util.toKMB(1000); // '1k'
Util.toKMB(1000000); // '1m'
Util.toKMB(1200000000); // '1.2b'
Util.fromKMB('5'); // 5
Util.fromKMB('1k'); // 1000
Util.fromKMB('1m'); // 1000000
Util.fromKMB('1.2b'); // 1200000000

Planned features

  • Ability to ping worlds?
  • CrystalMathLabs
  • Simulating: killing monsters, opening clue scrolls, pets (like in osbot)
  • Quests (e.g. containing all wiki data on quests)
  • fetch wiki page by item ID?